Sharjah Dental Implant News

Dr. Alok Mehta is working with Sharjah-based Al Lulu Medical Center
Mr. Usama a young ambitious fellow visited me with a broken upper front tooth due to trauma to the tooth.  After thorough history and examination, we saw the crown of the upper front incisor had broken and the root was retained inside with no injury or damage to any surrounding structures. The broken tooth was non-restorable hence we thought of replacing the tooth with a prosthesis( artificial tooth).
After a detailed discussion on all possible options comparing the pros & cons of replacing the missing tooth with dentures, bridge &  implants; Mr. Usama wanted to go for the best treatment with long-term predictability and economical, Hence I suggested he go ahead with implants as it will be an independent standing structure as good as your natural teeth without compromising adjacent healthy natural teeth. Dental implants are the latest and best way to replace your missing single tooth with multiple teeth. Multiple teeth replacement using implants can be either fixed or removable with very good stability giving a very natural appearance and helping regain that confidence. Also, they are economical in the long run as they do not tend to get cavities or root canal treatment only regular cleaning.
Mr. Usama agreed to my suggestion and after thorough planning and investigation, we removed the remaining piece of the tooth and placed the implant the same day with minimum discomfort and trouble to the patient. He also walked out of the clinic smiling with a temporary tooth in place.
After adequate healing, we replaced the temporary tooth with a permanent tooth.
Mr. Usama was instructed on post-op care and maintenance for an implant. He was satisfied with the result.
Dr. Alok Mehta is working with Sharjah-based Al Lulu Medical Center